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No one dies nor lives for himself. It is because that we are social beings and need to be in a group of people to be connected in a web of relationships. In this article, I will help you do people search by name. It is through finding people where you can reconnect with people and be in the society.

People search had been my specialty. I had done several researches related about finding people, and had found different efficient methods on how to locate a person. The advises, which I am going to share would undoubtedly, help you find the right person.

Before you start your search, you must identify the information that you have. The most common starting point on finding a person is the name. However, you must couple it with other information to sieve your search results.

There are different approaches on how to find people by name. You may either use the services of the Internet, or not. I am going to enumerate them to you.

1. Go to the nearest town hall
The town hall, or city hall, would have different records of all their constituents in the area of their responsibility. They have a complete list and directory of their residents. They can provide you with basic information about a person, like his age, mailing address, phone number and email address.

2. Visit social networking websites
Plurk and Twitter are examples of social networking websites available on the Internet. These websites have millions of user profiles, which you can scan and read. You will just type your friend's name and you would be given with different search results, which are related to the name that you had written.

One of the good things in visiting these sites is that, they cost you no penny! However, there are also a lot of fake accounts on these sites like Facebook, Hi5 and Multiply. You must be very careful when you go for these sites. After all, you do not want fraudulent or falsified information, right?

3. Use people search engines
Zaba search and yellow pages are examples of people search engines. They operate just like social networking websites. But the good thing in here is that, reverse searches can also be done. You can find the person's name by just knowing his email address, or phone number, or even his social security number!

4. Background check services
This is probably the best method of all. They can provide you with powerful and reliable information about a person. Histories and records like mailing address histories and criminal records can be provided by this service. Thus, it would be wise of you to invest money in background check services.

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People Search by Name - Find Name-Address History

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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