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Here's the deal, your business name is your brand.In a world where people feel the need to be original, you must expect tons of unique sounding names that you have to compete with.

If you are planning to apply for a business license for an LLC, here are some important reminders:

It Must Be Unique

Like everyone, businesses too have the need to be distinguished. It has to be identified from the rest and stand out in the industry it belongs to. A unique name is a natural crowd-drawer. Therefore, it should spark curiositybeyond its target market. It is important for promotion and marketing and it is a must to comply with the business requirements governing an LLC.

Business names are recorded in the Division of Business Services which operates under the office of the Secretary of State.The said office is primarily responsible for reviewing the proposed names, making sure that they are distinct from all other names recorded in their database. Based on their guidelines, the LLC name must be "distinguishable."

If you opt for a unique sounding name and choose to name your LLC with words or abbreviations in language other than English, you may do so, provided they are written in roman letters.

• Distinguishable

In general, an LLC name is considered "distinguishable" for two reasons. First, the name consists of one or more different letters, and/or words. Second, the name contains a different sequence of letters, and/or words. The singular form of any word,however,is considered different fromits plural form.

• Not Distinguishable

Company names that only differ by using the required ending words like "Incorporated," "Corporation," "Company," "Limited," "Limited Liability Company," "Limited Partnership," "Limited Liability Partnership," and their corresponding abbreviations are considered the same and therefore not distinguishable.

If you are applying for aname for an LLC, you are not allowed to use the words "Corporation", "Incorporation" or their corresponding abbreviations.

Your company name is not distinguishable in spite of differences in the use of punctuation marks, capitalization, and use of articles, conjunctions or prepositions as symbols or words.

LLC Suffixes

Generally, under the laws for an LLC, the name of a newly organized LLC should include either "Limited Liability Company," or its abbreviations "L.L.C." or "LLC."

For companies that are created for professional services, its name must contain the words "Professional Limited Company," "Professional Limited Liability Company," "Professional LLC," "Limited Liability Professional Company," or any of its abbreviations "P.L.C.," "P.L.L.C," "L.L.P.C.," "PLC," "PLLC," or "LLPC."

Specific Words

Before filing your documents, you must secure a written approval from Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions if your LLC name contains the words "mortgage," "bank," "banks," "banking," "credit union," or "trust."

If your business has something to do with memorial parks for humans,particularly if the word "cemetery" is included in your corporate name,you must get a written approval in advance from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Prepare at least three sets of names for your LLC and verify its availability with the Division of Business Services by calling its customer service or by logging on to their website.Making sure that your LLC name is distinguishable enough isn't just for government compliance. It might just be your best marketing tool in the long run.

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Naming an LLC

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Naming an LLC

This article was published on 2013/09/03