Choosing the Perfect Guinea Pig Name

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Naming guinea pigs is lots of fun because you are able to choose unique, creative, or even humorous names that suit the appearance and personality of your special new friend. However, just because its fun to name pets and you can choose names you couldn't use with children, it doesn't make a pet's name unimportant. Your pets name is vitally important! Think about it, you'll be saying and using your pets name dozens of times per day. The comfort you (and your pet) have with the name you choose will ultimately make it easier (or harder) for the two of you to bond. Lastly, the name you choose will also reflect on you as well. Do not name your guinea pig "Julia Child" if you don't want to hear "I didn't know you were into gourmet cooking!" for the next seven years.

The best guinea pig names are usually simple and short. This makes it easier for you to say and for your pet to understand. Under no circumstances should you choose a name that you would be embarrassed to shout outside or spell out carefully to your veterinarian. It is also good to know that if you choose a long or complicated name, friends, family, and acquaintances may shorten the name themselves. This is really common practice so if you hate the sound of "Max", don't name your guinea pig "Maximillian."

So what are the best names for guinea pigs? Well, did you know that half of all pets have human names? That means that we enjoy giving our pets names just like ours. Only twenty percent of all pets get a descriptive name like Spot, Midnight, or Speedy. The remaining name category would be objects or things, like types of music, food, drinks, or sports. Finally, what if you have two guinea pigs? Then you can give them matching names - say famous couples, items that go together, items that are opposites, or humorous play on words.

Here are some examples of great guinea pig names:

People names: Jake, Maggie, Same, Molly

Nicknames: Buddy,

Car/Motorcycle: Harley

Cartoon: Donald, Mickey, Scooby

Cute: Gizmo

Descriptive: Sassy, Squeak, Patches, Ginger, Speedy

Flower: Daisy

Food: Oreo, Cookie, Cupcake, Skittles

Historical Figures: Marilyn, Victoria, Napoleon

Music: Beethoven, Jazz, Elvis, Michael, Sinatra

Personality: Snuggles, Sweetie

Special: Precious, Princess, Baby

Sports: Soccer ball, Babe Ruth

Here are some examples of famous pairs:

Ben and Jerry

Anthony and Cleopatra

Bonnie and Clyde

Cookies and Cream

Day and Night

Elvis and Priscilla

Fred and Ginger

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Choosing the Perfect Guinea Pig Name

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This article was published on 2010/03/27