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Many couples begin to create a list of names the moment they find out they are pregnant. These lists usually consist of boy and girl names, at least until the gender is predicted. Baby name books can help you make your long lists, and can also help you narrow down to a few favorites. These books are great for those that are struggling with the perfect name for their new bundle of joy. While they can provide the names, there are still some ideas to consider when choosing the right baby name for your child.

The first thing you should do is list the names that you like. Most women will have a few ideas already in their head. A good deal of them will have a couple names ready to go before they learn they have conceived. The man and woman should make separate lists, and then compare them. Feel free to comment on the names your partner has chosen, and veto the ones you do not care for.

Once the two have you have narrowed the baby names down to a single list, think about the impact the name will have on the child. First, say the name with your last name. Does it have a good ring to it? Some people will think so, while others may have restrictions. Some do not care for the first name to have the same initial as the last name, so they will mark off all such names on the list. Others do not have a problem with this.

Another consideration to make is the initials that will arise from the child's full name. Once you begin to decide on the first and middle name, put their initials with your last name and see if they spell anything. It may not be a good idea to give your son the names Zachary Isaac if your last name is Thomas. There is bound to be another child that will realize the initials are Z.I.T., and your little boy may be teased about this fact for a long while.

Feel free to continue looking at baby name books for ideas throughout your pregnancy. The baby doesn't have to be named until he/she arrives, so you have nine months to reach your decision. If you are looking for a name with a strong meaning or a religious background, these books can help you. Many provide you with the meaning of the name, as well as its origin. Some couples begin by consulting these manuals to spark some great ideas for names to use for their new baby.

As you can see, there are a few things to think about when you begin thinking of baby names for your unborn child. Baby name books can help you get started. They can also assist by providing the meanings of names. If you are looking for a name of a particular origin, many books can help you there as well.
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Baby Name Books

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This article was published on 2011/01/20