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When choosing Australian baby names there are many considerations and lots of things to think about. This is no small matter and the name you choose for your child will impact almost every area of their life. Studies have shown for instance that children 'grow into' their baby names, meaning that their personalities change as a result of the name they are given. At the same time, a name might be a source of teasing or of enquiry and you will find it affects the way others perceive your child in life. Even something as simple as the spelling will prove to be fairly crucial - as if it's a complicated name it's something that your child will have to spell out every day of their life on the phone and when signing contracts etc.

However the difficulties in choosing a name and the importance of that name can help you a lot to think of a good name for your offspring - and by thinking about all the different requirements of a name, and all of the different potential problems a name can bring, it's possible to steer through the mire of potential difficulties to choose a title that your child will be proud of. Here are some considerations:

Is it Australian: If you are living in Australia then you may want to think of something more Australian for your children. While you can choose from the vast selection of baby names for your child and most English baby names will be fine, there are certainly some names that are more 'typically' Australian. Here are a few selections: Jack, William, Lachlan, Josh, Cooper, Riley, Liam, Blake, Cody, Zachary, Owen, Jeremy, Darcy, Dylan, Brett, Connor, Tyler, Thomas, Kate, Alison, Mia, Chloe, Ava, Charlotte, Isabella, Jade, Mikayla, Holly, Matilda, Grace.

Is it easy: An easy to pronounce first name might sometimes feel like 'selling out' almost, but actually it can save your child a lot of time and hassle throughout their life. Don't have a name that is difficult to spell or pronounce or they'll be constantly repeating themselves. Another little consideration is that names beginning with 'A' (Alexander, Adam, Abbie, Alison, Angus...) will mean that your child is the first on Alphabetic lists which can actually be very useful for them.

Is it unique: At the same time though, having a unique name is also very useful as this way you won't always have to differentiate them from other children with the same name. Your teachers may otherwise have no option other than to call them 'Jack B'.

Does it suit them: Your child's name needs to suit their personality, which even as a baby you should start to see forming. It also needs to suit their personality as they grow older, and a good guide here is to think of names that would have suited you - as chances are your child will turn out much like you.

Is it fashionable: Of course your child's name doesn't need to be fashionable in that it's the name of the current hottest celeb, but it does help if your baby's name is not going to go out of date really quickly - names like Ethel and Irene sound quite old these days, and you want to avoid giving your child a dated name like this.
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Australian Baby Names

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This article was published on 2010/11/23